• RTXM320-550

    Data rate 42G
    Reach 100m
    Tx 850 VCSEL
    Top 0~70
    Rx PIN
  • RTXM320-XXX

    This product is designed for fiber-communication based on optical-electrical technology. The product is an integrated module containing a micro-optic component and semiconductor material. The module could implement optical-electrical conversion and electrical-optical conversion function. It could be used at key locations in optical networks like 40GBASE Ethernet or IBTA QDR.

  • RTXM228-401

    Data rate 8.5~10.52G
    Reach 10
    Tx 1310 DFB
    Top 0~70
    Application 8G/10G FC, 10G BASE-LR/LW
    Rx PIN
  • RTXM228-550

    Data rate 8.5~10.5G
    Reach 0.3
    Tx 850 VCSEL
    Top 0~85
    Application 8G/10G FC, 10G BASE-SR
    Rx PIN
  • RTXM191-550

    Data rate 1.25G
    Reach 0.55
    Tx 850 VCSEL
    Package SFP
    Top -10~70
    Application GE
    Rx PIN
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