Accelink’s SFP VOA integrates a single channel VOA and tap monitor into standard pluggable SFP transceiver MSA package. The VOA can be controlled via I2C digital interface (digital control). Using its internal control circuitries, the device automatically adjusts the voltage to maintain stable attenuation. The device also has internal memory for storing calibration data.

  • Optical Power Meter

    PMSII-X is a high-performance portable Optical Power Meter for testing, installing, and maintaining single mode and multimode cables and networks, such as optical communication, optical cable TV, fiber sensing and so on, with compact structure, low power consumption,while keeping high performance.It can work together with light source or optical attenuator for various optical tests. PMS-XF is a optical power meter for measuring continuous opticalpower. It can be used as a tool in optical communication, optical

  • Portable PON Optical Power Meter

    Data rate aa
    Reach bb
    Tx cc
    Other dd
    Package ee
    Top ff
    Application gg
    Rx hh
  • Portable Optical Multi-Meter

    Optical Multi-Meter is a high-performance multi-meter for testing, system installation, and maintaining. It s a handheld tester, with a light source and a power meter.

  • Portable Variable Optical Attenuator

    OAT-HD Series Attenuator is a kind of portable design with LCD display. It allows continuous optical attenuation up to 60dB and maximum input power up to 23dBm. Flexible power supply is optional while using the product. It can be used whether in laboratory or in field for various optical test.

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