Accelink at the 2016 CCBN

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As one of the indicators of the radio and television industry worldwide, the China Content Broadcasting Network (CCBN) exhibition was held in Beijing on March 24, 2016.

At the exhibition this year, under the theme of "Lighting up your dream", Accelink comprehensively showcased its radio and television industry solutions including optic cable monitoring systems, CATV three-in-one integrated network, PON reach extension and concentrator, and network probe and RSS feeder. Under the current trend of integration, such solutions will help expand the company’s business scope and facilitate product applications in networks that plan to carry new content and businesses.

Currently, the informatization trend in the radio and television broadcasting industry is accelerating. Accelink consolidates its competitive resources and established an industry network sales center that focuses on the industry's online market. With continuous breakthroughs in various vertical segments, the company's market share has been consistently climbing.

Relying on many years of dedication and experience in the radio and television broadcasting industry, Accelink accurately predicted the future of the market and developmental trend of industry technologies. As the only Chinese company capable of providing comprehensive solutions, from device to module to subsystem, Accelink boasts a complete, diverse and expansive product offerings. Accelink has positioned itself as a professional communication solution provider in the industry and will focus on a customer-first orientation, continuous innovation and augmented development in order to create the biggest value for its partners and customers.